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Devonshire etiquette requires a thick slab of clotted cream on both interior faces of a fresh sliced scone, with jam on top, but please: don’t make a scone sandwich if you don’t want a mess! For fun, you can also attempt to reverse the cream and condiment layers – harder with soft jams and crusty creams. It is a marketing misconception to think that Cornish etiquette is the opposite of Devonshire’s. Technically, the Cornish version should start with butter and then jam; the cream is just a tasty accompaniment in a dollop on top.



(MOUSTACHE ADVISORY: With care and the right ingredients, you should be able to turn a regular Devon-style scone slice upside down whilst you bite. NB: If jam goes on first, your cream slab is not directly anchored to the scone!)


If you are really keen to eat a cream tea like a posh person, try the following advice:

Or this:

If you think it all a bit silly, you may enjoy this instead:

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