Teaser 2016 Strap A

In the second half of the 19th century, the delayed spoilage of clotted cream due to its processing, and the arrival of railways, meant that it could enter commercial production and distribution.



Ceramic bottles being made then at the Bovey Tracey Pottery (to be found in the pottery museum at the House of Marbles in Bovey Tracey) for Horner’s, a major producer, offer storage tips and make fascinating claims for their cream: For use with Tarts, Stewed Fruits &c, it is unrivalled and to Coffee, Cocoa, and Chocolate, it gives a richness and flavour unapproachable. Children and persons requiring a nutritive diet are by its free use greatly benefitted, while as a rival to Cod Liver Oil and in cases of debility and consumption, it is highly commended and prescribed by the Medical Profession. (Side: To be kept dry, and cool, not on ice, or it turns fusty)

A snippet of modern history is discussed relating cream teas to ‘Brexit’ – the referendum decision announced on 24th June 2016 to leave the EU (see the shorter blog introduction or the longer analysis depending on your taste).


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