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Tea (Camellia sinensis) is generally most pleasant in loose leaf form, steeped for a limited amount of time in a pot, and strained before drinking, although some offerings seem little more than a ripped open teabag (not all of which taste inferior by the way). Connoiseurs will note that different blends require different temperatures and different steeping times. (Lots more can be found at one of my favourite tea sites: The World Is a Tea Party E-zine.)

Tea can come in single varieties (usually from single tea estates) but whilst they may have a unique and powerful flavour (e.g. Assam), they may be less subtle than a good blend of complementary varieties (e.g. Russian Caravan). I most enjoy a strong Early Grey which is only possible if it has only recently been unsealed or crafted, since bergamot citrus oil  is aromatic (meaning it evaporates, not that it smells – although it does).  So use milk or nothing, but don’t add lemon to this if you want to relish the bergamot citrus flavour without killing it with a different, stronger citrus flavour.

Any which way, I find that washing down even a single scone with generous cream needs a good volume of tea – sometimes a swig after each bite – meaning a pot with less than two good sized (or three small) cups-worth just doesn’t do it for me. (I don’t like to have to go and ask for spare water either, as it can mean queueing and can annoy busy staff).

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