Map overview

Teaser 2016 Strap A

Once the map has loaded, click the Capture button (on the top left of the map itself) to see the legend. If you don’t see this button, try to restore down your window RestoreDownButton and then maximise it again Maximise

You can also use this button to choose which layers to see or hide. One layer shows venues whose grace I scored 2 but decided not to eat at. Another layer shows venues serving cream from Devon. Yet another layer shows venues serving cream from outside Devon or of Unknown origin.

Venues each have a pointer which is colour coded by its combined score, using the order of colours in the rainbow. (Aquamarine blue is best, down through, green, yellow, orange and red at the bottom.) Click on a pointer to see more information (its name, combined score, and a link to its blog entry).

NB: I can only choose the colours, not the order that they appear in the legend. Google chooses the order based on how often that colour is used (most common at the top).

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