This site is an attempt to offer some guidance to visitors in Devon about a favourite local pastime. Only in my sixth year living in the county do I feel I can begin to do it a little justice, although there are many areas I’ve not yet explored. For this site, I have started from scratch by revisiting familiar venues, with experimental sorties mixed in, all whilst trying to take a view on the day unbiased by prior experience.

I have focused on cafés and tea shops, generally excluding boutique restaurants, pubs, chains, canteens, hotels, garden centres, large farm shops, and paying entry venues (aside from car parking charges).

2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Hello. My partner and I are very fussy about out cream teas and find the Southern Cross tea rooms in Newton Poppleford by far the best in East Devon. I highly recommend it. Scones often still warm from the oven, lashings of cream, lovely garden and oldie worldie tea room, and reasonably priced. Also very friendly service and they have my favorite lapsang tea! Other great venues have been the Green Ginger Cafe in Ashburton and Cosy Teapot in Budleigh, though haven’t visited either for a while as the Southern Cross always draws us back. Would be interested in seeing any reviews you do of them. Have fun! Anne

    • Hi Anne. All reported on but thanks for thinking of me; I like the Southern Cross too – more cream than any other place so far in Devon, and a lovely place to boot: you can either zoom to them via the map, or if you have a PC you can search each one from the upper right corner of the main page.

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